About Tom

Tom Gibson is the premier realtor and real estate investor in Josephine County. He’s renowned and relied upon by sellers, buyers and their agents the world over to professionally deliver the highest quality service.

Tom innovatively combines impeccable judgment of the financial and real estate markets, and great understanding of the special needs and requirements of top-of-the-market property buyers and sellers to guarantee you success.

Tommy, as some of his clients like to call him, has been very instrumental in hundreds if not thousands of real estate transactions. Many clients—both the investor and seller looking to make a profitable sale, have benefited from his highly valuable advice and personalized attention.

With him, discretion is assured. He’s committed to ensuring that every aspect of each sale goes smoothly. Whether a leaky faucet that needs a fix or arranging for complex international financing before closing, Tom will ensure a seamless process to your satisfaction.

As one of the highest ranking REALTORS in Josephine County and Grants Pass, Tom has developed a rich reputation for top notch service and excellence. Going that extra mile is not just about being different; it’s simply his way of business. Since the very beginning of his career as a real estate investor and realtor, Tom has consistently stayed atop the listing and sale of real estate property in the greater Jackson County area.

Tom owes his unmatched success to the effort of his talented team. His highly competent team consists of licensed real estate agents, Internet marketing specialists, content curators, a personal and business assistant, and professional photographers. Having a well-trained team of professionals is critical when providing the highest level of personal attention that Tom is committed to offering his esteemed clients.

Buyers and sellers choose Tom for his distinct and unparalleled level of connections locally, regionally as well as internationally. As a successful real estate investor, Tom maintains a good reputation of quality service by personally staying in close contact with his sellers and keeping them informed and up-to-date with market conditions, new listings and so much more. His unwavering dedication to excellence in everything he does has rewarded him with a portfolio of clients for life.

With over two decades of experience as a real estate consultant and investor, Tom Gibson delivers the best chance to success in this ever complex market. As Josephine County’s “Go to” realtor and one of the leading investors reputable for tenaciously safeguarding the interests of his clients, Tom is committed to serving you with winning marketing strategies and savvy negotiations.

Indeed, Tom is highly respected in Josephine County, not only for his unmatched professional past performance and high ethical standards, but also for being a hardworking, honest and consistent realtor who does his best to ensure his clients’ complete satisfaction and success.

Thanks to his loyal clientele, repeat business and personal referrals, he is what he is today. To ensure efficient, reliable and complete service for you, Tom’s associates have been wisely selected from the finest real estate agents in the field to form an award-winning close-knit “family” providing all-in-one assistance to you for all aspects of your property purchase or sale.