Real Estate

Tom Gibson founded his blog with this one goal: to identify and secure cost-effective prime development sites to ensure his clients have access to properties with robust buyer security and sector high yields.

As a forward-thinking real estate investor, Tom is dedicated to helping his clients tap into the huge potential of property investment market. As an all-in-one property management solutions provider in Grants Pass, Tom works with the very best estate professionals, incentivizing efficient and quality management.

Always ensuring full occupancy, prompt rental payment collection and proper repair and maintenance services for your property, Tom uses his specialist property management skills to provide hands-on, hassle-free experience for his clients.

Focusing on Profit and Protection

With his direct experience as a successful real estate investor in Grants Pass, a steady rental income stream is what Tom guarantees you. He consistently delivers high yields while maintaining full control over your capital.

With his deep understanding of the property market in Josephine County, Tom has continued to provide his clients with up-to-date, well-researched opportunities across various investment levels and ensures flexibility and balance as major central components.

Boasting great rapport with contract attorneys and property lawyers, Tom enjoys access to the best in-class professional support and comprehensive understanding of legal documents and contracts, allowing him to rightfully transfer full legal ownership of investments to the new owners during real estate transactions.

Why Choose Tom Gibson For Your Next Property Search?

With a decade’s worth of experience, Tom Gibson has thrived to become one of the leading property investment consultants and investors with focus on helping other property investors make informed investment decisions.

Through innovation and passion for what he does, Tom empowers his clients to maintain full control over their property investments by providing in depth knowledge necessary to help them become informed investors. With secured high yields and extended fixed income periods, buyers in Josephine County also benefit from his flexible resale options.

His approach is consultative and client-focused. Tom and his team of highly experienced development partners and investment experts strive to offer you full guidance and support in a smart and intelligent manner.

With professionalism, Tom Gibson will answer all your questions or concerns helping you achieve all your personal objectives.

Tom Gibson’s Real Estate Investments

All his property investments come fully managed with every detail, every time, enabling you to receive hassle free income. With his diverse range of asset classes, Tom ensures that due diligence is carried out on all properties to ensure his investment properties in prime locations attract high occupancy and sustainable demand while maintaining high quality services to clients through partnerships with professional developers.

Tom Specializes in offering quality real estate services including but not limited to:

  • Advise on Josephine County’s Capital Growth Target
  • Typically Find Buyers and Sell in 2-4 Weeks
  • Constantly Communicating with Active Investors



If you are looking for a real estate investor or property manager in Josephine County or Grants Pass Tom Gibson is the specialist to call! Want to experience high yields, unrivalled buyer security, longer fixed income periods and intelligent property market analysis? You came to the right page! For more information contact Tom Gibson at 541-113-4145 or email at